Our Process

You only retire once – but we have led clients through this process more times than we can count! Our wisdom and experience can take all the stress out of financial management and planning, and prevent costly mistakes.

What to bring to your first appointment

  • Your latest tax return
  • Investment account statements
  • Social security statement
  • Pension payout scenarios
  • The more financial information you bring, the more we can help.

At your first appointment, we’ll simply be getting to know each other. We’ll take whatever time is needed to clearly understand your financial situation and your goals. We rarely offer any advice at this first meeting, but if we can quickly answer your questions about specific issues we are happy to do so.

There is never a charge for an initial consultation.

Your second appointment

After our first meeting, Dick and Ned will review your situation. At your second appointment, we’ll review with you the highest priority items and begin building an agenda for our work together. The objective is that we will all have a specific understanding of the financial management work that needs to be done and a timeline for doing it together. Typically, a client commits to working with us at this point, although at times a third appointment is required to put an agreement in place.

We do not generally charge for the second appointment, either.

Your third appointment and the initial planning process

We’ll be doing more work on your behalf, whether it’s a draft of your financial forecast, an investment or insurance review, or creating your tax strategy. A new client’s initial wealth management work can take from four to eight appointments, depending on your situation and needs. We value the face-to-face time, which is essential to understanding on both sides. Your questions and concerns are the first items on the agenda.

After this initial work is completed and a plan is in place, our hope is that our clients have a renewed enthusiasm for the future.

How will you feel when the biggest financial decisions you are faced with have been successfully addressed?

Ongoing Reviews

After the initial work, we’ll continue to meet with you to review your investments, financial forecast and all the other components of your finances. We may meet only once or twice a year, or there may be times when we need to meet more often to address a specific issue or life event. You can rest assured we’ll meet with you as often as necessary to get the job done.